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Women’s Day in Canada

Women’s Day in Canada 

Women’s day marks a very bittersweet celebration for all. In some areas of the world women’s day is a day which marks the struggles which women have to overcome in the quest to achieve some control over their lives from their oppressors. But in some areas, it is a cause of derision because a part of the population attributes the day to promote misandry. But in 8th of March every year, Canada comes together to share its enthusiasm in regards to advocating gender equality in all areas of life and acknowledging the accomplishments of women.

There is a famous speech by the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women of Canada, Ottawa. She said:

On International Women’s Day, she invited all Canadians to celebrate all contributions which are made by women for our country. She stated that while significant progress has been made towards achieving gender equality but much work still remained in regard to ending toxic workplace atmosphere, put an end to discrimination as well as vender bias presume in society. She also elaborated that it was a matter of pride that Canada was being seen as a global leader when it came to showing the way regarding how women empowerment should go about and what can be done to improve the economic, social and democratic life of women. Lastly, she said, that to make more progress we must listen and learn and lead with our actions.

The above speech is certainly worthy of being condensed and shared as women’s day WhatsApp status amongst the general population so that they know of the importance for this day.

The themes for International Women’s Day

Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women of Canada has previously said that the previous year’s theme for international women’s day was #MyFeminism. It was kept keeping in mind the recognition of the role which feminism still continues to play in bringing about a positive change for Canada. Feminism should be inclusive and should be about bringing equality to all genders, it should be intersectional and empower girls, women, and people of all genders. It should ideally allow them a voice to speak up and make their views known. For 2019, the theme being chosen is of Balance For The Better. It is being done with the aim to allow for feminism which allows for a more gender balanced world.

Women in Canada are certainly more empowered and Canada aims to lead by example in this important matter.